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Our Story

We started in the South Loop of Chicago with a very simple idea. Improve the haircut industry by helping haircut professionals offer memberships for their services. The industry has been overlooked by the tech wave over the past decade and we are changing that.

This past year, our founders have been talking with shop owners, barbers, and stylists to truly understand the needs of the industry. We found that there are other technology platforms out there but they lose focus and cater to a wide variety of industries and services.

Snips promise to you is to focus on the needs of the haircut professional and those that use their services.

We are VERY passionate about building a GREAT PRODUCT, LISTENING to our customers, and CREATING A CULTURE that brings COMMUNITY closer together.


Cole Lewis

Cole Headshot.jpg

Steven Lobo
Head of sales


Xavier Nienaber
Head of Finance


Lincoln Green
Content Lead


Josh McCausland
Head of Content

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